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Our field engineers are among the most experienced in the boiler and cooling water treatment industry. SEL specialists are able to provide recommendations that maximize system reliability and efficiency at an economical cost.                                    

Southeastern's staff of highly qualified professionals are prepared to provide your company with the products and technologies you need to stay in compliance and maintain an image of environmental responsibility.                                  

The first all natural and sustainable plant-based water treatment solution for today's water issues. Our products harness the natural properties of Sphagnum moss to improve water quality and affect every surface touched by water.                                    

SEL, through its' partnership with Special Pathogens Lab, the "Legionella Experts", is the best positioned to implement an AHSRAE 188 Water Safety Plan in your facility.  SPL's "ZEROutbreak" program offers the most complete protection plan available.


May 18, 2016 - Southeastern Laboratories has released new information which outlines offerings through our affiliation with Special Pathogens Laboratory to assure builiding manager's compliance with the new ANSI/ASHRAE 188-2015 standard.  * click for more information *



Environmental protection is at the core of what we do. From technologies that improve the operating efficiency of industrial equipment to water reuse and minimization programs, we’re constantly working to find new ways to incorporate green water treatment programs at our customer’s facilities.


Now, with the introduction of ProMoss to SEL's program offerings, we can offer an alternative to chemical treatment using only a naturally produced renewable product.

September 8, 2016 - Southeastern Laboratories has contracted with Creative Water Solutions to implement "green" water treatment programs using their ProMoss product.  ProMoss represents a proven Green alternative to chemical treatment over a broad range of applications including cooling water, process water, wastewater and now potable water.  * click for more information *

Arcelor Mittal Cleveland is testing a new approach to water treatment and turning to mother nature for inspiration.  A pilot program kicked off this spring using ProMoss™ to replace chemicals traditionally used in the hot strip mill water treatment process  * click for more information *

A Natural Approach to Water Treatment at Arcelor Mittal's Cleveland Steel Mill Using ProMoss

December 3, 2017 - Water Wise has 68 cooling towers being treated with ProMoss™ and either chlorine or hydrogen peroxide as the required biocide.  To date they have had two towers with low levels of legionella. * click for more information *

A major tobacco manufacturing facility in the Southeast US replaces its chemical treatment program with ProMoss™ eliminating problems un-solvable with chemicals.  This has resulted in cleaner systems and more efficient operations.

* click for more information * 

ProMoss Solves Problems in Tobacco Manufacturing Plant Air Washer Systems - Case Study

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