Water Treatment Solutions for Today's Water Issues


We employ the latest technology and innovations


Water Treatment Programs

Boiler and Cooling Water Chemical Treatment Programs


Our field engineers are among the most experienced in the boiler and cooling water treatment industry. SEL's specialists are able to provide recommendations that maximize system reliability and efficiency at an economical cost.  

Water and Wastewater Treatment Programs


Southeastern Laboratories staff of highly qualified professionals are prepared to provide your company with the products and technologies you need to stay in compliance and maintain an image of environmental responsibility.   

ProMoss™ All-Natural Water Treatment Programs


The first all natural and sustainable plant-based water treatment solution for today's water issues. Our products harness the natural properties of Sphagnum moss to improve water quality and affect every surface touched by water.     

What Are the Benefits of Our Innovative ProMoss™ Programs?


Water Conservation

Operation at higher cycles in cooling towers reduces water use diminishing your carbon footprint along with lowering water and sewer costs.



Water Reuse

Because treated process water systems no longer contain chemicals harmful to the environment, water can be used for other applications.


Energy Efficiency

Energy is conserved through scale and fouling reduction in heat transfer devices.  Fouled systems can be cleaned without invasive cleaning procedures.

Magazine Articles Featuring ProMoss™

Southeastern Laboratories, Inc.

Who We Are

Incorporated in 1973, SEL is in its fifth decade of providing water treatment services and products to a wide range of industrial, commercial, governmental, and institutional users. In 2016, SEL expanded its offerings to include a plant-based water treatment program as a replacement option for their chemical treatment programs. This innovative approach to water treatment has positioned SEL as a leader in the industry's move towards more sustainable approaches to managing water.

Programs are administered by a team of water treatment professionals with extensive training and experience from a diverse background of water treatment companies and industries.  Our water treatment company's technical support team averages over 20 years of experience in the water treatment industry. They are active and prominent in the water treatment related technical trade associations (AWT, ASHRAE, CTI, NACE) and most have earned the distinguished “Certified Water Technologist” (CWT) certification by the Association of Water Technologies (AWT).

Why Choose Us


Our engineers are among the most experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated in the industry, averaging 20+ years of experience – more than three times the industry average – and backed by a corporate consulting staff averaging over 25 years of industry-related experience.


More than 90% of SEL’s service specialists have earned the distinction of being a Certified Water Technologist – the definitive standard of excellence in water treatment certification from the Association of Water Technologies. Look for the CWT designation in their name!


SEL utilizes a holistic approach to water management using innovative technolgies to maximize water use efficiency, provide asset protection, and minimize energy use through efficient heat transfer in water cooled systems.

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Upcoming Event

AWT 2021 Annual Convention & Exposition

Providence, RI

Date: 2021/9/22-9/25



Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence, Rhode Island.

About This Event:

The Association of Water Technologies (AWT) Annual Convention & Exposition continues to grow and evolve each year. With interactive sessions that provide you with additional industry knowledge, as well as lots of ways to network with your peers, the Annual Convention is an extremely valuable educational opportunity for all water treatment professionals.


Great Educational Sessions—You'll walk away with skills that can have an immediate effect on the future direction of your business—and impact your bottom line.


Networking—The convention is a perfect time to meet leading experts in the field and build long-term relationships.


Exposition Hall—You will learn about the latest advances in the industry and see demonstrations of products and technologies that are changing the field of water treatment.


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